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HOA “Government”
    HOA Owner Rights
The HOA “movement” began in the late 1960’s as a way to get around civil-rights laws. Now, HOA member discrimination is “hidden in plain sight.” HOA’s promise environmental-controls, security & amenities. But, HOA laws are a set-up for abuse-of power & rule-by-a-few.    
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Latest HVLA Issues
    HOSTAGE CRISIS in HVLA ?  -  OR  -
As we search for the “heart” of HVLA’s problems, up pops more info and there’s a different slant.  Recent info suggests one of our observations is closest to reality:  HVLA has been “run” by a small group since its inception.  This group believes it has “ownership” over HVLA and is “entitled” to run it, regardless!  Over 45 years, they have carved inroads-of-influence that impact every aspect of OUR Association.  Among their “accomplishments”:  Control of most Boards, funds diverted TO golf and AWAY from everything else, elimination of GM’s and other “undesirable” leaders, hiring “favorable” staff, insuring family/friends get jobs/contracts, ostracizing and harassing any challengers, rigging elections, creating an “idyllic” (false) image of HVLA and keeping most members in-the-dark about actual Assn. performance.  There ARE other problems, but they flow- from this source.  Like most “power groups” this one are neighborhood-bullies.  They are “paper-tigers”, or growling chihuahuas.  None-the-less, they still Reign.  HVLA has become like a huge “dysfunctional family!”  Members must regain control.  How?  See “Solutions.”  Plus, more to come…..                
Why live in HVLA ?
Why Avoid HVLA ?
The Bad & The Ugly.
5. Funding Skew: GOLF FIRST
3. Dysfunctional Governance.   
4. NO Board Edu./Training “Plan”
1. NO Strategic Planning !
2. Board’s Short-Term Focus
6. Majority Needs Ignored
The “Good” .........
Some nice people.  Good schools.
Beautiful Lake. 18-Hole Golf.
Equestrian Center,  Parks.  Fun
Family Events.  Many working for productive change.             
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“Dysfunctional Family of 6,000”
7. NO Fire/Flood Prevent. Plan 8. “Lake County-itis”  What?
HVLA Directors Prohibited from Dissent  --  See “Board” page
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