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The HOA “movement” began in the late 1960’s as a way to get around civil-rights laws. Now, HOA member discrimination is “hidden in plain sight.” HOA’s promise environmental-controls, security & amenities. But, HOA laws are a set-up for abuse-of power & rule-by-a-few.    
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2. Still Run Like a Tiny-Town.   
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Beautiful Lake. 18-Hole Golf.
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3. Incomplete Fire/Flood Plan 4. GOLF FIRST 5. Election Fraud - Covered-up
 Throughout its history, HVLA has consisted of TWO DISTINCT Communities  -  The “Country Club” Set, and everyone else.  This “CC ” Set has controlled most Boards and, thus, the management of HVLA; including the Community Services District.  This group’s “culture” and mentality is that of the classic “Good Ol’ Boys and Girls” (vintage 1950’s)  -  We Want HVLA Our Way! HVLA’s population changed dramatically from 2000-18  -  more young families with kids  -  yet the “Country Club” Set retained power.  Their choke-hold on the Association has had extremely negative effects:  (1) Deterioration of existing family-oriented amenities; (2) Lack of development of NEW family-oriented amenities; (3) Lack of development of governance and management structures/procedures necessary for growing community needs; (4) Diminished involvement of “other” members in governance; (5) Near total lack of “consumer” pro/con information available to prospective and new buyers, e.g., no way to tell in-advance if HVLA is a good “fit” for you or your family! Presently, some productive changes have been made, but the “CC” group still sets the tone and pace.  There are developing signs of potential betterment on the Board and in management.  However, this has all happened several times before…