HOA “Government”
    HOA Owner Rights
The HOA “movement” began in
the late 1960’s as a way to get
around civil-rights laws. Now,
HOA member discrimination is
“hidden in plain sight.” HOA’s
promise environmental-controls,
security & amenities. But, HOA
laws are a set-up for abuse-of
power & rule-by-a-few.  
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Who Advocates for Homeowners’ in HOA’s?
How Well Do HOA’s Serve Homeowners’ Needs/Rights?
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Why live in HVLA ?
Why Avoid HVLA ?
Some nice people.  Good schools.
Beautiful Lake. 18-Hole Golf.
Equestrian Center & Parks.             
A Few
Fun Family Events.            
Hot Topics:
HVLA Owners Dues Misused Controlled by “Authoritarian” Small Groups –     Elite-Type Golfers & A Few Long-Term Owners     Self-Image as “Superior”     Bully Enforcers - Harass & Threaten Dissenters  Elections Rigged –      Fraud Well Documented       Member Apathy Widespread  Sham Governance –      Golf-Oriented Directors Predominate     Director Qualifications/Training Lacking     Committee Advice Selectively Ignored      Poor Critical-Thinking Skills  All Governing Docs. Out-Of-Date Golf Losses Draining Reserves!  –      Huge Losses for 18 years     NO “Business Plan”      ONLY 5-10% of Owners Play Financials Deceptive –      NO REAL “AUDIT” EVER!  Only “Reviews”     Underfunded Reserves - 26%     Golf Richly-Funded; Others CUT     Past Fraud - No One Held Accountable Inferior Management –      Inadequate Fire/Flood Plan     Community Ctr. Demolished 2017 - Not Replaced  Planning $12M “Country Club”     Many Out-of-Compliance Properties, Continuously     Kids Play Equip. Not Maintained