Amenities/Services We Should Have But Don’t….
A pattern has existed in HVLA.  Good ideas are brought forth, well-done plans developed, presented and discussed.  Then ….. Poof!  Nothing happens.  Months, even years go by and still, nothing.  A Skate-Board Park, an RV Storage Area and most startlingly, a huge PLAN for numerous RECREATIONAL options.  But, again, NOTHING !  GOLF RULES !!!
Here’s a list of just a few...       Proposed Plans That Got Squashed
The Tail That Keeps Trying to Wag HVLA ....
2018:  ROC (“Reclaim Our Community”) and the “GOLF FIRST” folks have a “new”    
spokes-person.  Just look at “Hidden Valley Lake Voices Goes Public” on FB.  One of
their leaders also has just joined the Golf & Greens Committee.  The same person 
who exclaimed at a Board meeting in 2017:  “We want our good old days back!”               
“GOLF FIRST” is still “KING”, with Average Golf Losses of $52,000 per month in 2017!.
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Reporting HOA Fraud?
Why, Where & How ?
If you believe your dues have
been misused, complain!
Renovate or Replace?
A Long & Winding Road
Why?  The Hartmann Bldg. 
The Community Center.  This
debate goes back to 2001!
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Reporting HOA Abuse/Fraud Reporting HOA Abuse/Fraud
After a run of 30+ years controlling every aspect of HVLA it would seem foolish for anyone to think these folks would ever wise-up and just stop because it was the right thing to do.  They’re brand of self-centeredness and greed knows no bounds.